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Wingoals a Unique Sports Site - We provide fixtures, results and tables for the premier European soccer leagues from twelve European Countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland and Spain) - We also provide our unique digital statistical reports for each football match, which are including league tables, virtual tables, results and stats from last sixteen games for each team, results from last six games between the two teams, a lots of statistical information, but most importantly predictions, forecast, tips and picks for different kind of expected results - Register Now and we will provide you with 20 Days Free Subscription as Registration Bonus


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Do You Like Football and other Sport Events?

Are you going to Stadiums to support your Favourite Team?

Are you watching Football Games on TV?

Are you watching Sports Programs on TV?

Do you enjoy the excitement that a "Goal" can bring?

Are you buying Sports Newspapers?

Do you want to be well informed about Sports?

Would you like to have some important Statistical Information?

Or maybe, you want some Historical Results between the two Teams?

What about some Really Good Prediction or a Digital Report before the Big Match?

If your answer is "Yes" to any of the above questions then you have reached the right Website and you are more than Welcome!!!

We have built a Sports Database which is currently accommodating data from twelve European Premier Leagues (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland and Spain). Our aim is to update our Database with information from all Twenty Seven European Countries plus Russia.

By using advanced technological techniques like "Artificial Intelligence Neural Networks" to process and analyse information, we have developed comprehensive Digital Report(s) with more than 1600 pieces of information (including Predictions and Graphical Presentations) about an upcoming Football Match, the two opponent Teams and the associated League. Much of this information is hard to be found on the usual media like newspapers, radio or TV.

We made those Digital Reports available to you for just a Few Euro Cents. For much less than the price you pay for a good sports newspaper, you can have all Digital Reports for a whole week's Matches of your favourite League instantly delivered to your computer with just a few easy steps!

But the most important is that you do not have to buy any Digital Report before you know what you are paying for! Free Digital Reports are delivered to our Registered Members every week and with your initial registration you get a Βonus 20 Days Free Subscription, so you can start by selecting the Digital Reports for which you are interested for Free!

And if you do not want to buy, we provide you a lot of Information and other Services for Free... like Results, Fixtures and Tables for the Best European Leagues

and you will still be Welcome to our Website!!!