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Wingoals a Unique Sports Site - We provide fixtures, results and tables for the premier European soccer leagues from twelve European Countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland and Spain) - We also provide our unique digital statistical reports for each football match, which are including league tables, virtual tables, results and stats from last sixteen games for each team, results from last six games between the two teams, a lots of statistical information, but most importantly predictions, forecast, tips and picks for different kind of expected results - Register Now and we will provide you with 20 Days Free Subscription as Registration Bonus


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First we would like to welcome you to our Website.


How this Project Started:


This project started as a research about Artificial Neural Networks and their ability to predict and make decisions. Since all the members of our research and development team, we love Sports and in particularly Football, we have chosen football as out test Environment. So we build our Database, our software tools, and we got into work. After almost two years we concluded that Artificial Neural Networks can be used to predict Football match results with high accuracy. Then we thought that we can share this with you. The initial idea was to provide the set of our software tools as a software package (at a fee) for everyone to use it. However very soon we dropped this idea for a number of reasons like:

1. The Software is quite complicated and needs complex documentation and extensive training especially how to select the right parameters and train the Artificial Neural Networks

2.  The Database is quite huge and that kind of data needs to be updated daily with new data.

3.  We are currently using 64 Artificial Neural Networks to Calculate prediction and we feed those with training set of more than a thousand previous (but carefully selected) Football matches. We are using different setup and input parameters for each Neural Network and each of this needs thousands of CPU Processing Time for Full Training.

Ordinary users do not have time to read complex documentation, neither the time nor the means to collect and enter data on a daily base. And certainly cannot dedicate their computers to train more than 64 Artificial Neural Networks for months!


About this Project:


Well, we decided to that we keep and maintain our database and our software tools and we will provide to you the outcome of this project: We decide to build this Sports Website ( and provide to you our services. Currently we provide Results, Tables, Fixtures plus a little Game and other information to you for free. But like every enterprise we don't just need to cover our initial investment but also to cover our daily operating and maintenance expenses. Therefore some of our services shall be paid in order to enable us to continue providing our services to you. We have built specialized reports for each upcoming Football Match and we make them available to you for just few Euro Cents. This Website is not an ordinary Sports Website. You are one of our Members because you can understand that we can offer much more than other ordinary Sports Sites.


What we currently provide:


Right now we can provide services related to Eleven Primary Football Leagues from Ten different European Countries. For those Countries, our Database is including historical data since 1st July 2008. We provide Results, Tables, Fixtures plus a little Game and other information to you for free and we provide our specialized reports for just a very small fee. To distribute our reports we have built a fully automated distribution system. No downloads are necessary from your side and no emails are flooding your mailbox. Just order the reports using our website and then you execute our specialised software and those reports are instantly delivered to your computer. 24 hours a Day, 365 Days a Year.


Our Objectives:


We plan to provide our services and cover Primary Football Leagues for all 27 Countries of the European Union plus Russia. We are currently working to build the database for the Austrian Primary League and more will follow. We are also working on our multi Lingual version of your Website. We are planning to provide several languages including French, German, Spanish and Russian Languages. However this is your website and we will welcome your suggestions for improvements. Based on those suggestions we will provide new services to you and improve the existing ones. So please feel free to communicate your suggestions to us.